Tuesday, February 9, 2016

(8 wounded/4 dead) Officer cleaning gun kills wife, among today's gun negligence.

Two hurt in accidental shooting in Waunakee

 Waunakee, Wi   (2-8-16) -- Two people were left with non-life threatening injuries Monday after an accidental shooting.

Waunakee Police say they got a call at around 3:30 p.m. with a report of two people with gunshot wounds at Meriter Hospital.

A 40-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman were each shot in the leg.

Police believe it was a result of an accidental discharge of a gun. The weapon was recovered and there is no threat to the public, according to a press release from police.


Apparent accidental shooting near McAlester leaves man in critical condition

McAlester, Ok (2-9-16)  A 72-year-old man was shot in the head — apparently by a stray bullet — as he was driving east of McAlester on Monday afternoon, authorities said.
Marion James Fassino was driving on Seven Devils Road about 4:15 p.m. when a .22-caliber bullet struck him, Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns said.

Fassino was transported in critical condition by ambulance to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Kerns said.
Authorities initially planned to fly Fassino to a Tulsa hospital in a medical helicopter, but windy conditions prevented safe air travel, deputies said.
Deputies located a man who said he had fired a gun around the time Fassino was shot, Kerns said.
The man told police he was shooting at a tree in the distance in the direction of Seven Devils Road, Kerns said.
The man was not in custody Monday evening, and deputies considered the shooting an accident, although Kerns said the investigation was ongoing.
— PAIGHTEN HARKINS, World Staff Writer


Girl in critical condition after accidental shooting: Dayton News Roundup

A Dayton girl is in critical condition after a Sunday night shooting.

Dayton, Oh (2-8-16) Police believe the 15-year-old girl was shot during a fight with one of her siblings, and she was shot in the head and has damage to one of her eyes, WRGT-TV in Dayton reported.

The girl is now at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in critical condition, WDTN-TV in Dayton reported.

A police sergeant told WDTN the girl and four other children were home alone when the shooting happened.

Police said investigators are still gathering facts in the case and no charges have been filed to any children or parents, WHIO-TV in Dayton reported. It is unknown from where the children obtained the weapon and which child fired the gun.


Teen charged in shooting death of East Ridge 16-year-old

East Ridge, Tn  (2-8-16)   East Ridge Police say a 15-year-old has been charged with reckless homicide after shooting 16-year-old Monserrate Ferrer. Ferrer died as a result of his injuries on Saturday.

The 15-year-old's great aunt, Kathy Sullivan, reported the incident to 911.

"I need an ambulance fast please. There was an accidental shooting," Sullivan told the dispatcher.

Sullivan told NewsChannel 9 the boys were friends and had spent the night at her house on Bennett Road.

She says the boys found the gun on the side of the road.

In a police report, the shooter stated he didn't know the weapon was loaded when he pointed it at the victim and shot him.

Ferrer's mother Norma doesn't believe the shooting was an accident.

"My son's fingerprints weren't found on that gun at all. So how was it accidental?," said Ferrer. "My son was asleep."

Ferrer wishes she could turn back time.

"If I would have just kept him home, he would have been here with me and I would have my child," she tearfully told NewsChannel 9.

Both boys were students at East Ridge High School. Faculty members have come together to provide food and collect donations for Ferrer's family.


Lancaster police officer accidentally shoots himself

Lancaster, Pa   (2-9-16) A Lancaster police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound after an accidental shooting during a training exercise Tuesday morning.

Police said the officer was at an indoor police gun range when he accidentally fired his handgun, striking himself in the leg.

The officer was taken to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment. He is said to be in good condition and is expected to be released Tuesday.

The officer’s name was not released, but abc27 is told he has been with the department for less than a year.


School mourns Holy Family teacher who was shot and killed

Port Allen, La  (2-8-16)   Two communities in south Louisiana are mourning the loss of a teacher who died after getting shot Friday.

Louisiana State Police reported Emily Thibodeaux, 23, of Addis, was shot when her husband, Ivy Thibodeaux, 29, an Addis police officer, was cleaning his gun and accidentally fired. Thibodeaux had just started her career as a third grade teacher at the Holy Family School in Port Allen.

Funeral services will be held at St. John the Baptist Church in Brusly on Saturday. 

A growing memorial in Thibodeaux's honor has been set up outside of Holy Family School on Jefferson Avenue. 

Father David Allen said his school is truly saddened by the loss of a truly great teacher and spirit.

"Although our time might be brief, as it was for Emily there's no wasted life," he said, "It's all precious. She touched countless numbers in a short period of time and it was a sign in the proof that the Spirit of God is in someone." 

The school will have grief counselors on hand to talk with students and faculty who may need help dealing with the sudden loss. Thibodeaux also coached the school’s cheerleaders. 

Allen said explaining a tragedy like this to elementary-aged children is particularly tough.

"This is a human tragedy that makes no sense and so we don't ask 'why' we say 'what.' What do we do? We turn to one another and let God with skin: family, friends, the church to embrace us, love us and heel the pain, emptiness and confusion," he said.

Troopers said the shooting happened in the 3600 block of East Nic Drive in Addis just before 3:45 p.m. Friday.

They added Emiley Thibodeaux was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

No charges have been filed and an investigation is ongoing. 


(Original story)
State Police release more information in deadly accidental shooting involving officer in Addis

Hunter killed in freak accident

San Antonio, Tx (2-8-16) - A hunter died following an accidental shooting in Maverick County on Saturday evening.

In a statement released by the Maverick County Sheriff's Office, the victim was identified as Stephen Davis of Hebron, Connecticut.

Another man at the scene told investigators he shot at a wild hog during a hunting excursion, but accidentally hit Davis in the chest.

Davis died at the scene.

The Eagle Pass Business Journal reported Davis is a state trooper in Connecticut. No other information was released.


Citrus Heights police investigating death of 46-year-old woman

Citrus Heights, Fl    (2-8-16)  Just after midnight police received a call of a woman being shot.  Police arrive and found a 46 year old woman dead in her apartment of a gunshot wound to her upper body.  Police have been on scene since morning working and have not yet stated if this is an accidental shooting, a suicide or a homicide.  

Police won't say if anyone was in the apartment at the time of the shooting, only that the investigation was ongoing.


Man shot in stomach after pistol accidentally fires, NOPD says

New Orleans, La  (2-8-16)  A 20-year-old man was in the hospital Monday morning (Feb. 8) after New Orleans police say he was accidentally shot in the stomach by his friend. The victim is in the hospital in stable condition, authorities said.

According to preliminary information from NOPD, 19-year-old Michael Harris and the victim were "playing" with a loaded pistol at 2 a.m. Monday in the 6000 block of Chef Menteur Highway. The pistol fired, NOPD said, and the bullet hit the victim in the stomach. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. At 7 a.m., NOPD said his condition had improved, and he was listed in stable condition.

Harris was booked later Monday morning with negligent injuring, online court records show.


Man accidentally shoots himself in Gresham

Chicago, Il  (2-9-16)   A man accidentally shot himself Monday evening in the Gresham neighborhood on the South Side.

The man, 19, walked into Mount Sinai Hospital about 7:15 p.m. with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the finger, according to Chicago Police. He was listed in good condition.

He told investigators he accidentally shot himself in the 8800 block of South Wallace, police said


HCSO investigates gunshot incident

Malakoff, Tx  (2-8-16)  Firearm possession is a hotly-debated topic, but the Henderson County Sheriff's Office investigated an incident on Friday night, that proves one thing true, no matter which side of the issue your on.
They should be handled with care.
A Malakoff area woman received a non-life threatening injury when she was accidentally shot in the leg, Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt said. The person who fired the shot was her 23-year-old son. The names of the people involved were not released, and the information is being forwarded to the Henderson County District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.
Nutt said the shooting was the result of an unusual chain of events. A man, living in a residence on County Road 1220 apparently had grown annoyed at recent vandalism in the area, including his mailbox. At about 10:30 p.m. on Friday, the resident heard a noise outside, and went to check it out. Outside, he saw a car drive away, then later return from the opposite direction.
When the vehicle returned, the angry resident fired a shot in the air, Nutt said, and shouted at the people in the vehicle that he didn't want them messing with his mailbox. About that time, his son, reacting to the commotion, fired a shot, apparently in belief that the first round had come from someone in the vehicle. The son's bullet struck his mother.
“He could have hurt someone in the car,” Nutt said. “Or, if it had been any higher, the gunshot could have seriously injured his mother.”
Nutt said he doesn't know if the DA's office will prosecute the case. Even though the 23-year-old wounded his mother by accident, there are some possible charges that could be filed. Deadly conduct occurs when a person discharges a firearm in the direction of a “habitation, building, or vehicle, and is reckless as to whether the habitation, building or vehicle is occupied.”


Please watch the video this is murder, he aimed and shot.  He was angry the driver ran.  So he executed him.  Period.  No way this was accidental.  (Purely my opinion.)
Officer who shot DUI suspect no longer with Paradise police

Paradise, Ca  (2-8-16)  Patrick Feaster, who shot an unarmed man suspected of drunken driving, is no longer employed by the Paradise Police Department.

Paradise Police Chief Gabriela Tazzari-Dineen told this newspaper late Monday afternoon that Feaster, who had been on leave and under an internal affairs investigation since what he said was an accidental shooting on Nov. 25, is no longer on the payroll.

Tazzari-Dineen said she could not disclose why Feaster is no longer with the department. She cited the state’s “Police Officer’s Bill of Rights,” which she said prevents the department from releasing the outcome of the internal affairs investigation.

Feaster is still facing a criminal investigation into the shooting around midnight on Thanksgiving eve. Thomas was shot as he exited a vehicle after a rollover accident on Pearson Road that killed his estranged wife, Darien Ehorn, 23, of Paradise.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey announced at a Dec. 11 press conference that he would not seek criminal charges against Feaster because they determined that the shooting, while negligent, was “not criminally so.” Protests in front of city hall followed.

Even with the decision not to charge Feaster, the department was running its own investigation and had expected that to end by late January.

But on Dec. 19, Thomas died at Enloe Medical Center in Chico. Ramsey said in light of Thomas’ death, he would re-examine potential manslaughter charges against Feaster.

That investigation is still ongoing and Ramsey said it hinges on Thomas’ autopsy report. One of the things Ramsey wanted an opinion on was whether immediate medical attention could have saved Thomas’ life. Feaster did not acknowledge to superior officers that he had shot Thomas until 11 minutes after the shooting.

The police department’s internal investigation was awaiting autopsy results as well.


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